Logistics outsourcing can be one of the biggest obstacles to successful offshore initiatives. Not so with Supply Solutions Network (SSN). We take care of all shipping and customs issues so projects are delivered direct to your office in the United States or drop shipped anywhere around the world –just as easily as if they were produced down the street.



Once a purchase order is received,it normally takes 2 to 3 weeks to produce most products. Production times vary depending upon the product itself,and the amount of time consumed for the approval process. For most products,the factory makes a production sample for buyer approval prior to mass production. Air shipping approval samples between parties can add another week to the production time line.


30 Days for Ocean Shipping

  • Cargo is delivered to a Chinese port 3 or 4 days before the scheduled sailing date to assure the clearance of Chinese Customs and proper loading.
  • Ships arrive on the West Coast 2 weeks after setting sail.
  • West Coast unloading and Customs procedures are usually accomplished in 3 or 4 days,but random container scanning can extend this process to a full week.
  • After clearing Customs port of entry procedures,containers are loaded on a train and arrive at an intermodal terminal outside Chicago within approximately 4 days.
  • Containers are off-loaded and transported to a final Customs area for inspection and release,which consumes another 3 or 4 days.
  • Once released,the container is delivered to its final mid-west destination by a commercial carrier.

Lower Cost Option

Most ocean lines now offer what is referred to as a slow ship at a reduced rate. This is actually a normal vessel operated at a reduced speed in order to conserve fuel. Choosing the slow ship will add 3 or 4 days to the shipping time,but minimize transportation costs.

3 to 5 Days for Air Shipping

Air shipments from Shanghai benefit from crossing the International Date Line and actually arrive at a U.S. airport freight facility about the same time it leaves China. The three to five days are consumed by Customs procedures and normal shipping times from the airport to the product’s final destination.




 SSN provides international low cost manufacturing solutions to small and mid sized businesses 

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