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Today’s economy demands innovation. Competition is fierce and costs continually rise. Business owners are constantly being challenged to find new and innovative ways to grow their businesses while protecting the bottom line. International outsourcing and offshore manufacturing – especially China outsourcing –can provide small to mid-sized companies with competitive solutions that are cost-effective and efficient. Solutions that can also help grow business even during uncertain economic times.


To outsource successfully,it is wise to consult with China outsourcing experts. Supply Solutions Network (SSN) offers intelligent,innovative solutions that combine the advantages of managing projects here in the United States with cost-effective offshore manufacturing production and assembly in China. Through SSN,this combination not only provides real savings,but also the quality and consistency needed to enhance brand equity.


To navigate the associated risks that arise when dealing with a foreign business culture such as China,China outsourcing experts in negotiating,managing and implementing in that arena are the key to a safe journey. SSN’s senior management team has almost 100 years of combined experience dealing with the Chinese,and successfully focus that expertise on getting the best results possible for our customers.
Our office in Changzhou employs experienced Chinese procurement and project managers who are fluent in the English language and engineering terminology,and are well acquainted with the cultural nuances that must be taken into account to successfully do business in their country.
To learn more about sourcing from China and outsourcing manufacturing and logistics outsourcing,call the China outsourcing experts at SSN



Peter DeVries


Phone: +1 815 9788729

Email: peted@supplysolutionsnetwork.com

skype: petertdevries


Jane Liu

Director of Asian Operations

Phone: 011 86 519 8512 1996

Email: jane@supplysolutionsnetwork.com

Skype: janevictory

 SSN provides international low cost manufacturing solutions to small and mid sized businesses 

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